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Thank You sooo Much for your kindness and for the great service you have provided. Will recommend you and your company always.

Marilyn Kern

I knew I could trust you to help me. I am so happy to have partners in this business that can get the job done. Thank you very much

Thanks Neal for helping our good friends and clients!
Randy, Emerald Pacific Yachts

Thank you for your help and assistance as we have slogged through these last many years.  We 've enjoyed our relationship with Boat Insurance Agency.  The challenges with losses were always easily managed with your guidance and we always felt that you were accessible and professional in our interactions.  We knew you were on our side which allowed us to focus on business and moving forward.  We have truly enjoyed working with you, Falvey Yacht, and your staff and have appreciated your mindful efforts to keep us covered, current and compliant.  For these things we express our gratitude.
Jody, Pybus Point Lodge, Alaska

Hi Neal,
Please bind insurance effective today.
You have provided excellent services.  I will not forget.
Thank you!

I just wanted to tell you how terrific you were to work with.  You went further than any other company I contacted and I know you fought for me.  It's brilliant to find strangers who are as nice and decent as you.
Debbie R

We are very happy to be in receipt of payment for our claim of loss on our yacht policy.

The immediate response by phone at the time of the loss, the rapid evaluation by the adjuster, and all your communication has been very appreciated and professional.

Mark J

Today we received the settlement check.  We want to thank you again for taking care of us, and believe me, you have a life-long customer here!
R Brickner

"I have been doing business with Neal Booth for just over a year and have been delighted by both his deep knowledge of boating insurance and his responsiveness. I would recommend him as a true professional."  
L.B., 122' Motoryacht

can drop off a check at your office.....going to rename you mad dog....great rate........and thanks for being so pro active for me
Being in the business I am is nice to see someone  bust their assets for a client friend....
Good job......many thanks.....Ron

Hello Neal,
I appreciate that you went to bat for me and that's a positive plus in my book.
I will renew with you, please send along renewal statement for policy payment.

Thanks for stepping up,

Thanks for the reply.  I always appreciate your help and expertise.

Thank you for your note and all the years of service and friendship.

Thanks for 11 years of great service! Fortunately, I never had to call with a problem, so it was an uneventful 11 years, but I had confidence in all my boating that I had good insurance coverage.

Thanks again.

Hi Neal,
Just a quick note to thank you very much for all of your help; not to mention your influence, in getting some claim relief for the items that were stolen off of our boat.
Very best regards,
John & Caroline Halling

Thanks very much Neal.  It has always been a pleasure to be your client for so many years now.

Robert Nelson

Hi Neal, Thank you for the great run, your expertise was really valuable to my business. I could not sleep at night without your help and assurances.
Again, thank you.

John Munroe
Ocean Currents Marine Electric, Inc.

I am happy to let you know that we were very pleased with the way you handled our "tragedy" last summer.  Your team made a bad situation almost painless!!  Thanx
Jim and Nancy Bates

I greatly appreciate your superb service over the years.    You folks have been great work with in every respect.
Thank you!
Eric Eberhard

I have sold the boat and no longer require insurance at this time. I would like to thank you and your staff for the outstanding service I received when I submitted my claim. My plans include purchasing a boat within the next couple of years. When I do you will be my first call for insurance. Thanks for the outstanding service.
J. Darwin
Bend, OR

As you know, I grounded my boat last summer, and the underwriters ultimately declared it a total loss. Accordingly, please cancel the policy effective that date or soonest thereafter. I’m chartering this summer and will see how it compares to having my own boat. If I do get another, I’ll surely give you a call. Thanks for all your help and excellent service these past ten or so years.
Ed B.

Once again, the BIA came through to assist a customer of ours. Bill was very helpful to our customer and we really appreciate his time and efforts. Good crew you have there :-)
Have a GREAT day!
La Conner Yacht Sales

Jeremy has been great to work with and of course the rest of the crew. I know you already know that but I thought I would let you know.
Jennifer Patterson, People’s Bank Marine Financing

Neal and Markel American Insurance,
The work is completed and the boat has been taken back to her slip.
Thank you for you the wonderful service. We were very impressed.

Our broker was Boat Insurance Agency’s Jeremy Paulus. The insuring Company was Ace. We documented everything we did, as they requested, and they paid the claim entirely. Very efficient. The surveyor referred me to Jeremy….glad that he did.

Thanks for the excellent service!
Larry C.
Tigard, Oregon

Hi Jeremy ----  We appreciate your work on our behalf.  Taking care of the insurance thing with Horizon Credit and also this insurance payment is much appreciated.  Thanks !!!  Ya done good.  You get a gold star on your chart today !!  Thanks again and take care --- Jer

You have given me great service ever since we met on “Paragon” in 1989.
Clark B.

Neal and Patrick,
Thank you so much for helping us through our recent mail snafu. Neal, we’ve always appreciated your professionalism and Patrick’s follow up with us (after patching our call through to the insurance company) was an unexpected pleasure.
Marianne and Gary

Thank you Cyndy for the great job you did! We are glad you are our agent!
Al Tennant

…after our little disaster on Saturday, we are very grateful for all your helpfulness. And many thanks for reassuring Fritz, he was awfully stressed out. As for me, tears played no small role in my reaction – it was very traumatic. Thanks, you are the best.
BJ and Fritz

On August 31, our boat was destroyed by fire. My wife and I would like all those who worked so hard at your agency and the insurance company to know how much we appreciated the complete follow through – keeping us informed, and answering all our questions and the prompt settlement along with the personal care. Working with all of you certainly made this loss much easier to handle. You really showed a caring attitude. THANK  YOU!
John and Shirley Paquet

Thank you so much for taking care of our houseboat insurance on Lake Union. We appreciate your personal attention to individual’s different needs and never hesitate to tell others to “call Neal, he will take care of you”.
You are #1 with us!
Jann and Sid McFarland

I hope B. Knox signed up with you. I told him you were the best!

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks once again for your professional job in handling our boat insurance. You made it very simple, easy to understand, and the cost was less than what I expected.
John Mechelsen

Neal and Bill,
Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.
John P.

Please consider this a note of thanks for your friendly and professional service of the insurance claim resulting from the dismasting of our sailboat last May. This was my first, and hopefully last, insurance claim and I really did not know what to expect. I was very pleased to find that you and the people at Markel American were able to give good advice and work through the claim in a very efficient manner. The boat is back in service and in fine condition.  
Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all those who worked with us through this process.
B Wickman

Neal, Thanks so much for getting this's why I moved my business to your shop!
Richard Soto

Hi Neal,
One never knows how good an insurance company is until one has a claim. We all hope that we never have one and I have only had two; one where my docked boat was hit and the other was a robbery at the dock. Neither claim was from negligent operation on my part.

Their response to my claims show that they are a quality company and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks for meeting with the other insurance company on my behalf. That shows that you are also a quality insurance agency. On top of that, I appreciate your personal friendship.
Jim Horn
Washington State Senator, Retired

Neal, you're always my "go to guy" for boat insurance for my customers. One of them was particularly difficult, as the buyer was moving up to a much bigger boat and had no experience in that size range. You managed to get him insured by using a "training Captain" until his skill levels improved to become the owner operator he wanted to be. You always seem to have the answers.

Thank you,
Brian Holland
Fraser Yachts, Seattle

We received your check and I just wanted to Thank You for taking care of this problem. Although you hear a lot of horror stories about Marine Insurance, it is good to know that we can count on you for being there. This is the first claim we have initiated in over 25 years of boating and again it's reassuring that if something unexpected comes up, we can depend on you for assistance.

Thanks again,
John L

Thank you for being so instrumental in the Olson transaction and helping him and his family get back out on the water. Mr. Olson owns an insurance agency as you know and was running in to mandatory captains training requirements for moving from a 41 foot yacht to his new 58. I recommend he give you a call and right away you were able to circumvent the situation as well as sign him up with lower premiums. This confirms why I have referred all of my clients to you for the past twelve years, and always will. By the way, thank you for the service you render for my boat, it's rewarding to be a client.

Larry Abraham
Ocean Alexander Yacht Sales

Just wanted to thank you for getting everything worked out. WHen you said "I'm on it", you meant it. Thank you!

Brian Murray

Thank you for your terrific service over the many years I have enjoyed my association with your firm. THe referral to Neal many years ago (through Denny Barnes) was certainly one of the best recommendations Denny ever made to me!

W. Flack

I've caught more fish with Boat Insurance Agency than all other insurance agencies combined!

Dave Boynton
Sundance Yacht Sales

Good Service Should be Rewarded

Attn: Mr. Bruce Hedrick
Northwest Yachting Magazine

I feel strongly that good service should be rewarded. Neal Booth and the Boat Insurance Agency in Seattle certainly did the job. He provided extraordinary service to a customer of mine recently. My customer could have been stuck in La Conner over a long weekend which would have really cut into his travel days that he had set aside to get his boat home. Instead, Neal and agent Jeremy saved the day and my customer is very happy with the above and beyond service he received from the Boat Insurance Agency. It is simply another example of why we recommend them to all of our customers.


Art Kaplan, Co-Owner
LaConner Yacht Sales
Certified Professional Yacht Broker, CPYB

I have known Neal Booth and his crew at Boat Insurance Agency for almost two decades. When I opened my boat brokerage Neal was the first person I called for my insurance needs. For over 18 years I have been referring my customers to Boat Insurance Agency and have heard nothing but positive feedback.
On a more personal level I have been invited to go fishing with Neal and some of his crew several times and always had a great time and found them to be friendly, caring and interesting people. They are a great place to do business.

Greg Youell